The Kit

The Premier THC Potency Test Kit

Supported by our comprehensive and completely replicable protocol, Cannatest’s compact lab is ready to roll out for the producers and processors of the cannabis community seeking to optimize their production and processing through professional standards and scientific research.  

Our methodology generates a visual profile allowing you to identify and quantify the six main cannabinoids present in your product.

With the AlphaCAT R&D Pro You can save more than 50% on testing costs as well as time savings allowing you to get your product to market quicker.

  • Select strains for specific traits
  • Test in early vegetative state for cannabinoid profile  
  • Test variables during the grow cycle: measure the rate of change in cannabinoid content and adjust nutrient input accordingly
  • Harvest at the right time: measure CBG levels to indicate maturity
  • Prove your Hemp crop is under the THC limit and Legal

  • Adjust your inputs according to results for consistency in dosing products: the LCB is only requiring the final product to be tested by a third-party lab so there is no need to spend lots of money on third party R&D testing.
  • Test the conversion efficiency of your production process converting acidic cannabinoids to their neutral form.
  • Test the efficiency of your extraction process: how many cannabinoids are still in your trim after a run: what’s the cost benefit analysis of re-running the trim with one method or another.